News & Features, October 2017

Laughing Out Loud !





On Tuesday Oct. 24, at 8 p.m., Saint Augustine’s Students attended the third event of Homecoming week “comedy night” free of charge, which featured guest appearances from the hit TV show “Wild’ N Out”.

The opening act featured up-and-coming comedian C Raw, who riled up the crowd with a couple of jokes. Comedians Hitman Holla and Conceited then took the stage around 9 pm and performed skits as seen on the show in front of a packed gymnasium. Students were encouraged to participate in the skits and some were even allowed to stand on stage alongside the comedians as they performed.

Hitman Holla and Conceited are also known for battle rapping which consists of two or more people competing against each other taking turns saying a freestyle rhyme with clever punch lines. The two comedians went head to head with a couple of Saint Aug Students to test out their skills and ability to think quick on their feet with freestyle comedy rhymes.

The night ended with numerous laughs and both comedians stayed behind to take pictures with the students.

— Jazmin Christie