News & Features, October 2017

Perception vs. Reality

Homecomings are anticipated as one of the best times of the year, from tailgating with all the good food to unity with fellow classmates.

But what was the reality of this year’s event? It was the best Homecoming yet.

From Sunday to Saturday, there were events all day but not as many students as you would think were in attendance at the certain events (e.g. Gospel Explosion, Pep Rally and the Coronation). As most current students know, alumni do not come around until Friday; the step show attracts students in droves and they start pouring in.

Howard Walker, a business major and senior, said he liked the whole atmosphere. “More of the vibe that was displayed by the alumni affected the students and faculty,” he said “Everyone had an amazing time. But I just wish it was always like this, for example, football, basketball, and volleyball games that we have that are on campus.”

It does bother many that Homecoming is the only time students are excited for programs and events on campus. Demetrius Brookes, an exercise science major, said, “(the students) transform off of their surroundings. Whether peers, organizational or family influences, a different heart beat appeared to falsely be demonstrated that we are having fun. When in reality, the alumni are and is the highlight of the whole weekend.”

Brookes added, “Everyone should listen to the school, “School Spirit” by Kanye West and get some.”

By: Lorraine Henderson