November 2017, Uncategorized

Spring Registration Process

Its that time of year again: The leaves are changing colors, Homecoming is over, and the weather is finally dipping below 80 degrees. It is also the time of year that we must begin preparing for spring registration. Many times, before, university administrators have said that they have dealt with the ongoing frustration about the registration process. However many students, especially upperclassmen who have been through registration before, remain apprehensive about it. When asked how she felt about registration, Arius Avery, a senior sociology major, said, “I’m numb to the process…I have no feelings about it, except that its gotten worse.” Many students express similar frustration and anxiety about registration. Students acknowledge that the university has made an effort to improve the process. “The threats have definitely worked,” Avery said, referring to penalties meted out to students who fail to get registered in a timely manner. Bot other problems remain, she said, including a lack of information. “They don’t let scholarships and grants known – just loans,” Avery said. Most students don’t know how bad their financial situation until they are in the middle of registration and realize that they owe large amounts of money. Despite the problems, many students are encouraged that university administrators have announced plans to make registration online for the upcoming spring registration.