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Alumni Affect!!

Saint Augustine University alumni’s aren’t just old students, but students that will forever be apart of the falcon’s family forever. They care about their school, giving back to not only the school but also the community and most importantly they also treat the student at their alderman like family. That’s what makes Saint Augustine’s a great university. But, there is this one alumni that stands out the most to me and his name is Jordan Esteem. He is a local photographer and one of the greatest that ever picked up a camera. I spotted him out at different events around campus. Helping out young photographers working on their craft and showing them how to use their camera. Also teaching them the ends and outs on how to be a great photographer in the industry. He is also well known for taking pictures at different family events and other sporting events all over North Carolina. One day I got a chance to talk to him and he said that he loves what he does and helping young people pursue their dreams. It is an honor to have someone like that walking around your campus. Personally, he is a great mentor and role model to have in my life as well. These last two years he really helped me with my photography and also the business side of it.  There is also another photographer that he also helps and she is also an alumni at Saint Augustine’s University, her name is Kaili Ingram but she goes by the name Eleven03. The point I am trying to get across is having someone like Jordan Steem here in the Raleigh community and etc is such a pleasure. It’s hard to find a great mentor in the photographer industry that’s willing to help young people pursue their dreams.