December 2017, News & Features

Transfer student finds ‘open arms’ at SAU

Deqwain Hart is from Atlanta, Georgia, but he did not come to Saint Augustine’s University from that Southern city. Rather, he came from William Peace University just across town.

Hart is one of the many transfer students at Saint Augustine’s. While Peace is a predominantly white institution and SAU is an HBCU, a desire for a different environment was not the primary reason; finances played the biggest role in Hart’s decision to transfer last semester.

But the atmosphere at SAU has been one of the things that the senior criminal justice major has enjoyed the most.

Deqwain Hart

“I was welcomed with open arms into the Falcon family, something I will cherish and remember always,” Hart said.

His transition to a new institution was helped greatly by joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. “What made me join Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was its immense heritage,” he said. “It’s unlike any other fraternity.”

Hart was sold on the organization when he learned that its members include such accomplished figures of history as John Hope Franklin, Paul Roberson, and W.E.B. Du Bois.

His frat brothers provide a crucial support system, Hart said. “We butt heads every now and then,” he acknowledged, “but at the end those are my brothers. Brothers argue and disagree often but at the end of it all that is my brother and if he is ever in need and I’m able to help then I will without hesitation.”

Hart actually ended up serving as president of the fraternity. But although he counts his achievements with the fraternity as his biggest here at Saint Augustine University, they are not his only accomplishment. He has been able to get internships with prestigious organizations, such as the Department of Homeland Security, The United States Secret Service and with The Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

“I believe that you must motivate yourself first before achieving your goals,” Hart said. “But I will say being a father has without a doubt, been my greatest source of motivation, pride, and inspiration.”

Hart says that, while at college, he has learned “self-awareness, leadership acumen and emotional intelligence.” But he said he has learned some of his best lessons outside the classroom – from being a father. Being a father has taught him about unconditional love and also giving back, Hart said.

“Every day, I continue to work to improve myself and my skills and to mature and become a better leader,” Hart said. Future plans include serving in the Army Reserves as a Military Intelligence Officer. In May of 2018 he plans to pursue his Masters of Professional Studies in Applied Intelligence at Georgetown University located in Washington D.C.

— Sterling Raynor