November 2018, Opinion

Brent Faiyez is one of the hottest artists out

A perfect mixture of Rhythm & Blues with a dash of Soul, Brent Faiyaz is one of the hottest artists out in 2018. He recently dropped an EP called, “Lost” which basically expresses how he feels in the current moment in his career. The chopped and screwed art work on the album cover represents the EP very well. When creating his EP, Faiyaz went the solo route with production and it represents his individuality and creativity.

The track list for Lost runs 6 songs, which is a typical length for an EP. His list starts off very smooth and straight to the point with the song, “Why’z It So Hard.” That is followed up with an emotionally driven song, “Came Right Back.” His single on the EP is, “Trust” basically demonstrating one of his issues that he is currently going through in his personal and professional life.

I like the whole EP because it represents the emotions that a lot of us young men go through especially in college. When listening through the track-list my favorite song is “Why’z it so Hard” because of the slow and smooth tempo with the message that comes with it. Throughout the whole EP Faiyez is really trying to release and let go of some of the things he has going on. That makes the EP relatable on so many levels to his audience.

— Ellis Hill