News & Features, November 2018

SAU’s app goes live and is getting good reviews

On Oct. 15, Saint Augustine’s University’s first ever mobile app went live.

“This has been a large project in the making for the past few months” said Cianna Fisher of the Office of Marketing and Communications.

The app began a few months ago when Ready Education reached out to faculty member Dr. Derrick Sauls with the idea. Dr. Sauls then contacted the marketing office.

The purpose of the SAU App is to help students stay engaged and aware of what is happening on campus. It is meant to target the freshman class.Especially with the campus map and navigation feature included among the many features, the app is designed to help students transition a little better upon arriving in Falcon Land.

Students not only have access to their CAMs portals and FAFSA information but the app also gives them access to a campus-wide calendar, club and organization information, athletic calendar, campus services, Academic Services, and campus safety.

The reaction so far has been positive. Brandon Holmes, a freshman majoring in psychology, finds the SAU app very helpful. “The app helps you know things that are happening on campus,” he said. “It keeps you updated.”

One of the application’s most popular tools among students is the portal. Coriana Wiggins, a freshman public health major from Spring Hope, NC, is grateful for this feature

“I like it because I can go to my portal without having to type the school’s web page in,” Wiggins said. The portal also allows students to directly sign into CAMS, the school’s main platform for grades and other functions.

Rayven Mobley, a junior majoring in Computer Information Systems, also considers the portal as a time saver. “I like the app because it is easier and faster to sign into CAMS,” she said.

This app also allows students to connect. “It’s like having our own little Facebook community,” Fisher said.
To get the app, go to the Google Play Store and search for Saint Augustine’s.

–Briana Snipes and Jeydri Urbina