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‘Us’ is an exciting and well paced movie — I recommend seeing it

“Us” is yet another unique and captivating horror film from the mind of Jordan Peele.

The movie follows a family attempting to enjoy a vacation a Santa Cruz beach. They sense something weird in the air and their suspicions are confirmed when a family shows up at their vacation home – one that looks just like them.

Compared to “Get Out,: “Us” is more of a classic slasher horror film than a thriller with a bold political statement. However Peele still manages to subtlety bring up societal issues.

On the surface we see the contrast between the vacation home of the the main characters and their rich, white friends but as the film progresses we are able to see what happens when society treats others as less than.

The plot is exciting and well paced — it will have you forgetting to breath throughout. However, the twist ending fails to truly explain the phenomenon. Instead, it gives an explanation that seems somewhat individual to one character.

Lupita Nyong’o gives an outstanding performance as the main character “Adelaide.” And it turns out Lupita Nyong’o’s compelling scene partner is Luptia Nyong’o.

Child actors Shahidi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex and Madison Curry prove themselves as captivating performers.

Unfortunately lead actor Winston Duke seems to be constantly overshadowed. Even in scenes with much smaller characters, like one intense scene shared between him and actor Tim Heidecker, I found myself more focused the less significant character. Duke is by no means a bad actor and I’m unsure if it was the direction but he seemed to lack energy.

Overall, I did enjoy the film and felt would recommend seeing with it a group of your least faint-of-heart friends.

— Ariana Holly