February 2019, Opinion

Trailer is misleading but ‘The Favourite’ is worth seeing

Olivia Colman won best actress for her role in ‘The Favourite’

“The Favourite” has been nominated for 10 Oscars and will probably be one of the big winners in the Academy Awards presentations on Feb. 24. It is one of those movies that the judges love but most people have never seen. If it wins best picture, you may wonder if it is worth seeing. Let me help with that decision. “The Favourite” is a period piece directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, who specializes in creating oddball worlds.

In this production, Lanthimos combines comedy and reality show style drama against the backdrop of England during the French and English wars of the 1800s. The film follows Abigail (played be Emma Stone) as she comes to the kingdom seeking to be employed by her cousin Sarah (Rachel Weisz), who is the ladyin-waiting to Queen Anne (Olivia Colman). As time goes by, it seems that Abigail is seeking a little bit more than a position as a servant. All three woman give career-defining performances, leaving us wondering who truly deserves the title of “lead actress.”

It’s not often we see films about women leading countries, making decisions and struggling for power. The chemistry between the three women is thrilling and electric. Stone is an expert at performing at the corner of drama and comedy. Colman’s performance draws you in and makes you want to jump through the screen and be her best friend, while Weisz is able to make you fear and respect her at the same time. Notable supporting male performances are also given by Nicholas Hoult and Joe Alwyn – although the heavy, period-appropriate wigs and makeup sometimes make it difficult to tell the male and female roles apart.

My only real disappointment with the film is not really with the film itself but rather the trailer, which is somewhat misleading. It might lead you to believe that it is more of a high energy romp than it truly is. “The Favourite” isn’t boring, but do be prepared to sit through extended scenes explaining the technical side of wars and treaties. Overall, I do recommend this film and I predict it will take home much-deserved Academy Awards in major categories. Ariana Holly is a freshman majoring in theatre.

— Ariana Holly