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A Loved Falcon Returns

On March 12, 2019, the Board of Trustees of Saint Augustine’s University appointed Dr. Gaddis Faulcon as the interim president for the university. The appointment was effective immediately. This decision coincided with the beginning of former President Everett Ward’s retirement. Faulcon recently served as vice president of enrollment management at Saint Augustine’s University. Faulcon earned a B.S. degree in health and physical education from Saint Augustine’s. “I am truly honored to be asked to lead my alma mater at this crucial time in our 152-year history,” Faulcon said. In a statement released after his appointment.

The Falcon Forum interviewed students around campus and many said they are excited about his return. Jaylon Sneed-Gresham, a junior sports management major and frat brother of Faulcon, said he is excited for Faulcon’s return due to the fact that during his previous years at the university he had a real connection with the students and was a mentor to some as well. “He strived to do anything he could for the student body,” Sneed-Gresham said. “I can’t wait to see what changes will come during Faulcon’s return.”

Toyin Howell, a senior psychology major, said she is very happy that the university chose an alum who has the desire to continue to push the school toward greatness. She then shared a story from her junior year during Faulcon’s previous time at Saint Augustine’s where she was a peer mentor and they were asking for donations from faculty and staff for hurricane victims: “We walked into Dr. Faulcon’s office with our hurricane relief buckets asking for donations and giving information on how to help the hurricane survivors. Dr. Faulcon pulled out his wallet and said, ‘Of course, I’ll donate,’ then asked how much he could. We had to break the news to him that we were taking items like canned goods, clothes and toiletries but not money.

“This action just showed how generous he is and how much of a good heart he has and wants to help in any way he possibly can,” Howell continued. “This is one of my favorite memories of him.”

Students said they hoped Faulcon would remain president after his interim period is over.

-Briana Snipes