What it takes to be a student leader

A student leader is any student who takes on the responsibility of spreading knowledge through inspiration, tutoring, campaigns etc. A student leader strives to change the world by starting with their own community. Student life here at Saint Augustine’s University is a huge deal. It is important for students to get involved and participate in things going on around campus.

Bercario Bodie is a junior majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Criminal Justice from Nassau, Bahamas. Every year there is a voting of student life awards held on campus, voting for the royal court, and the student government. He was currently elected to serve as the Senior Class president for the 2019-2020 school year and he was also elected student leader of the year for the 2018-2019 school year.

“It is important to be involved because you never know who you would be inspiring, who you would impact through your service and community efforts. Sometimes just being out there gives others the extra push they may need to do the same:” Said Bercario Bodie.

Not only was Mr. Bodie elected for these positions, but he is also a part of many other organizations as well. He currently stands as the Junior Class President, He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Which is the first African-American intercollegiate Greek-lettered fraternity. He is the Treasurer and Assistant District Director for North Carolina, he is a part of the International Student organization, he’s in the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Vice President, a member of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society and serves as the President, and he is a member of the Alpha Kappa Mu Honors Society. With all of these accolades he still strives to make good grades and stays on top of everything going on.

Not only is Mr. Bodie a student of many accolades, but he is also a genuine and loyal friend to many people.

“I will continue to be a role model for young men on campus to improve their deportment and push them to stay positive and continue to excel scholastically. In addition, I plan on applying as a peer mentor to make a genuine impact on the incoming freshmen to increase the retention rate of the university.”

Mr. Bodie strives for excellence and he continues to be all that he can be. He is also a Residence Assistant (RA). The Resident Assistant (RA) facilitates the social, academic, and personal adjustment of students to the residence hall and University. The RA develops a sense of community among residents as members of a floor, residents of a hall, and active participants in the residence life system.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from being enrolled here is networking, embrace the diversity. Step out of your comfort zone and communication with the different group of students. College is about experiences and we have to learn to immerse ourselves with the vast cultures here, and in the next 5-10 years you may need assistance or can be of assistance to someone else.”



Breana Gambrell