October 2019, Opinion

BWE is finally free — thank you SAU!

Jeydri Urbina, News Editor

When I arrived at Saint Augustine’s for my freshmen year, I was excited for my first Homecoming Week. As a freshman, I wanted to attend every event and be part of the entire Blue & White Experience.

I vividly remember that he events’ schedule had been published online for that year and realizing that almost every event had a cost of entry for SAU students. I was surprised and had so many questions, and I was not the only one. SAU students could not understand why they had to pay to attend their own Homecoming events, so we voiced our opinions.

Still, the following years were exactly the same.

Now, as I get ready to experience my last Homecoming, I am extremely happy to know that after three homecomings, I can finally attend every event, except for the Homecoming concert, for free!

This year’s Homecoming events on campus are completely free for SAU students with a valid identification card. I am grateful to know that students can attend the Comedy Show and Step Show at no cost. For the past years, these two events have been hosted on campus with a charge to students. The Comedy Show and Step Show are two entertaining events where students get together to laugh and have fun.

It is exciting to see that this year these two events are free, so I am hoping to see a full house.

Although the After Party Celebration and Concert headlining DJ Luke Nasty is not free, it is still at a reasonable price and a shuttle service will be provided for students since the event is off campus.

After years of voicing our opinions because of Homecoming events with a cost of entry for SAU students, I am happy to see my last Homecoming free of charge.
SAU, thank you!