October 2019

BWE Homecoming Parade

Homecoming is a safe place for all alumni to come back to their old schools. It is for students to network with alum and for alum to reminisce. One thing that stands out as a main event on homecoming schedules is the homecoming parade held in the community of the school. Saint Augustine’s University has faithfully had a homecoming parade, until last year.

Unfortunately, there was no homecoming parade last year. This year the people in charge of the homecoming parade are Ann Brown, who is the dean of residential and campus life, Jonathan Guerra, who is the director of student activities, and Reginald Towns, who is the early college liaison. They are collaborating to recreate the homecoming parade and to make it bigger than ever before.

Reginald Towns stated “Although we didn’t have a parade last year we wanted to have one this year being that it is one of the biggest fall events that Saint Augustine’s has.” Reginald Towns also stated that “we wanted to make sure that we put the work in to have the parade and to serve the community”

According to Mr. Towns there are a lot of different things that you can look for in the parade such as student involvement and overall involvement in the university. From the President of the university to the students and the community. All the registered student organizations will be in the parade. The Masonic lodge, which is a fraternal organization of black men who serve the community, will also be involved in the parade. There will be horses, the university choir, and politicians. This parade will be very big and a huge come back from having no parade for last year.

“I’m looking forward to getting the community together and making it a safe and enjoyable parade for the Saint Augustine’s family. I know that this parade will cater to the community and students of SAU and local political and current officers of the community” Said Jonathan Guerra.

In order to get involved in this year’s Blue and White experience homecoming, you can contact Reginald Towns, Jonathan Guerra, or Ann Brown. The parade will take place on November 2nd starting at 10:30 and will be about an hour and a half long.




-Breana Gambrell