Falkrest Crisis

The Students at Saint Augustine’s University are in outrage! Imagine constantly living in an unsatisfactory dorm that is not up to par with the restriction of what a building should be. Some students must be relocated to another dorm, just because of the room that they are staying in is unlivable. Other students are complaining about washers and dryers. Constantly, people are stating that if they could change one thing about Falkrest resident, it would be about how there are never enough washers or dryers. While others are not hip with the ideas of their mattresses are missing. Jailyn Brown, a criminal justice major stated that “It just doesn’t make any sense how there are four buildings that have to go to one specific building to only find out that the washers and dryers never work. It’s a nightmare!” Not only do students are moving around looking for other places to live. In this day in age, some students are living exactly like that, while others are okay with their living arrangements.

Back at the beginning of September, Kelli Dabney, music major, stated that her bathroom had fallen apart right Infront of her eyes. She goes into further detail. “When the people above me, it would leak onto my ceiling. Then pieces of the ceiling started to fall onto me, while I would take a shower. Mold looks like it would grow from the ceiling also. And to add to all the problems my bathroom had flooded before all that.” While other students aren’t living in critical condition, some are growing impatient to the waiting game. Priscilla Gilbert, Criminal Justice major, stated. “The way I feel about staying in the Falkrest residence is that I wish they would have allowed the females to continue to live in the Boyer Hall because it isn’t worth all this tuition to stay in the back. I can barely stay in my room; it gets really hot that my fan can keep me cool. I also can’t use my toilet. My bathroom hasn’t been working since move- in-day, which was in August of 11, 2019.”

It has come to the point where students are constantly moving between Weston hall and Falkrest to have a working bathroom and cool place to rest. Many are wondering where the money is going too.

It has been stated that the housing situation won’t be getting fixed no time soon due to financial reasonings. According to Dean Brown, resident housing director, has stated that “There was a student listening session that was held on the campus, last week and the students had the opportunity to verbally speak to the administrators in regards to the issues that they were having. the efforts to improve the resident facilities is ongoing, and that the university is committed to addressing the issues and the concerns of those residents. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to fix all immediate issues, however, we were able to fix issues like missing mattresses and looking for ways to add additional washers and dryers. The school is having an abroad fundraising and part of that money is going to residence maintenance.”
As the school continues to thrive, fires are continuing to be put out as best as they can. There is nothing that the school can do at this point, but to rejoice in the fact that current financial fundraisers are being thought of at this point.