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Homecoming Concert is generating buzz

It’s Homecoming y’all — a week full of entertainment, alumni, and celebration. This year’s Homecoming schedule is one like no other. It is expected to be better than any we’ve ever had. The Homecoming week will lead to the big game day Saturday and the big Homecoming concert that night.

The Homecoming concert is one of the biggest events that take place during Homecoming. The artist that we can look forward to seeing perform are DJ Luke Nasty and Kyng KD.

DJ Luke Nasty’s real name is Leterrance Davis and he is from High Point, North Carolina. He is an artist that is on the rise. With hit songs out like “On The Way” “Baller” and “Might Be,” his popularity is continuing to grow.

Student Taylor Frazier is a fan of DJ Luke Nasty. “ ‘On the Way’ was actually one of my favorite songs when it came out.”

Kyng KD’s full name is Desmond Larmar Sumpter and he was born in Durham, North Carolina, but was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kyng KD is a rising artist with songs out like “Slingshot” “Flava” and “Paper.”

Sophomore Christopher Ingram is anticipating the concert. “I’m unsure of Kyng KD but I’m sure his performance will be good,” Ingram said.

Senior Calvin Montgomery is looking forward to everything. “We plan to attend the homecoming game then that night have a good time at the after party concert,” he said.

The Homecoming celebration concert and after party will take place at the Paris Lounge Saturday night starting at 10 p.m and ending at 3 a.m. There will be a shuttle service provided for students who are in need of transportation.

–Breana Gambrell