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Chamber Singer’s perform concert night

On last Thursday, of November 7, Saint Augustine University’s Chamber Singers were seen giving an amazing performance. South Davey Street Presbyterian Church, in Downtown Raleigh, invited the Chamber Singers for a celebration for their church. The celebration was simply for the recognition of turning 150th this year. Guests had come from far and wide just to attend this special event. Former Saint Augustine University’s President Dr. Everett Ward was even in attendance.

When they entered the church, everyone could notice that the group of singers were serious about their craft. The congregation allowed the Chamber Singers to use their gifts and bless all that could hear. They had sung up to 10 pieces. Also, in attendance, the church had its very own praise dancers in the concert. Whenever the Chamber Singers had finished, they would dance vigorously to the sounds of the music that blasted throughout the building.

As each song started with precision, the crowd was amazed. Each song resonated with the crowd, as you could see the joy and delight that came across people’s faces. Even as the very dedicated choir director, Jasmyn Cooper, had her solo, the crowd shot up for a standing ovation. Due to her opera piece, that she had sung, each note with diligence and preeminence.

Afterward, as the singers had found themselves in multiple conversations about how lovely they were, they couldn’t help but be astounded at what just using their gifts could do. All in all, the Chamber Singers showed up to do what was expected of them, and they were extraordinary.