October 2019, Sports

Cheerleaders have something special planned for Homecoming

At this year’s Homecoming, the Saint Augustine’s University cheerleading team – better known as the Bluechips – have something special in store. Every year, the Bluechips perform at different Homecoming events and are always just being featured. This year, the Bluechips will host an event.
Head coach Charles Clark, an alum who graduated in 2013, is making a huge impact. He has come up with an event to put Saint Augustine’s on the map. This year, The Bluechips will host “Keeping Up With The Bluechips.” This event will consist of multiple different surprise high school teams who will come to Saturday’s Homecoming festivities.
The teams will be featured in the Homecoming parade and will also get the chance to cheer at the Homecoming game during halftime. During the game, all teams – including the Bluechips – will do a big unity cheer.
This event will be huge for SAU because it is a way to seek new prospective students to enroll in the university. This will give students who may have not known about SAU everything they need to know. If they are thinking about coming here.
It will be a great way to show visitors the life at SAU. Not only will the event potentially contribute to enrollment, but it will also contribute to the Blue and White Homecoming experience.

– Breana Gambrell