“Night at the Museum” was a fantastic event

As the art of Fredo and Diego danced all around embracing the students in nothing but power, revolution and culture, people believed that they could do anything. The theme; Fredo & Diego Mexican Modernist, set the tone, as everyone showed up with flowers in their hair or dressed up for the occasion. College Night at the NC State Art Museum was fantastic! All the surrounding colleges came out to attend a great night and to connect with new people. Nothing was out of place as the night began to progress into a giant party.

There was also a sprinkle of mighty Falcons in attendance to contribute to the special night. Karise Barron, a senior art major, showed her outstanding talent as she held down her exhibit as she represented the Saint Augustine’s University Art Department. Everything was in order, as she had students create their artwork to add to hers. The whole exhibit was to promote young artists to engage in her drawing activity.

Also, The Saint Augustine’s University Poetry Club showed up and showed out as they carried the open mic portion. With every word that flowed out of their poetry pieces just like fine wine, it never stops. They own the stage as they dominated the mic and controlled the crowd with every word that came out. Afterward, N.C .State’s salsa club had everybody on their feet as the rest of the night was filled with the ringing of laughter. The band that played in the background had everybody in love, there was constant singing to their heart’s desire. Overall the entire night was a blast, this was an event of the century that you wouldn’t have wanted to miss!

— Timbrel Cunningham