February 2020, News & Features

Student tutoring program is launched

The Peer Tutorial Program has been officially launched on Saint Augustine’s University with the purpose of improving the academic achievement of all students at the university and continue to build community and stronger ties among SAU students.

Dr. Kengie Bass, Director of Honors College, explained that the idea of a peer tutorial program was born out of a conversation with then-Interim Provost Dr. Wanda Coneal. “We recognized that a number of our students were not meeting their academic potential in the classroom and many professors reported that their students very rarely sought out additional assistance during their posted office hours,” he said. “Dr. Coneal challenged the Honors College scholars to step up and assist their classmates and friends.”

The Honors College students hold at least a 3.5 grade point average in their studies at the university, many holding a grade point average above 3.75. Each member of the Honors College must provide at least 20 hours of community service each semester. Through tutoring, they can fulfill those requirements.
Dr. Bass thinks this is a great opportunity for both parties. “I believe this was an excellent idea and would be mutually beneficial to SAU students and to our Honors College scholars — the Honors College could give back to their school community and our SAU students,” he said.

Although the program was previewed last fall with some peer tutors assisting their classmates, Dr. Bass and staff had to work through a few minor details before it dould be officially launched. “We had to work through a few growing pains before we could fully market peer tutoring on a larger scale,” he said. “So far we have received positive feedback from students who have received tutoring.”

The hope for this program is that students utilize these services and professors see the results in the classroom. “The key is getting the word out to students about the program,” Dr. Bass added.

The Peer Tutoring Program schedule is as follows:










— Jeydri Urbina