February 2020, Opinion

New student-helping-student program is great

The first building I visited upon my return from winter break was Delaney Hall. As every student at Saint Augustine’s campus, all I wanted was to be was BOA (Business Office Approved) so I could obtain my dorm key and move in to get comfortable in my bed.

Surprisingly, my registration process was the fastest I have ever had throughout my four years at SAU. With a personal registration record of 2 hours with 25 minutes, I was BOA!

While I was waiting on the first floor of Delaney, I noticed a flier. This flier was new and different. Since I was trying to find ways not to stress while I was waiting, I walked over to pick up to the flier and take a look at it.

Its title read: “Peer Tutorials.” The flier listed the subjects and times the tutoring would occur.

I was happy to see this.

Last semester, Honors College students were asked to volunteer with tutoring our peers in subjects in which we feel competent. A schedule was made based on students’ availability but for some reason it never came out to students.

Although I know peers have been tutoring in the past in Penick or at the Writing Center, I feel like not all SAU students know where and when to go if they need help. I remember needing math tutoring my first semester and attending a session at Penick.

Although I was grateful for the help I got, I felt that the peer tutors were strained trying so hard to keep up with all of the students who needed help.
It didn’t help that we all seemed to be having trouble with different courses.

This new program looks organized and accommodating for college students who have other responsibilities such as sports or off-campus jobs. Some tutorials are general, and others are divided by specific courses and are given at different times in different locations. Students will have more flexibility to find a tutorial.

Peer tutoring is a great way of learning in an environment that you feel comfortable with. Hopefully, students take advantage of this program and visit their peers for a tutoring session!

Jeydri Urbina is the News Editor of The Falcon Forum.