February 2021, News & Features

SAU launches student-run radio program

Falcons Fly Radio was created for the students of Saint Augustine University. It’s also run by the students. Any student can be a part of the radio station regardless of major.

Falcons Fly is not the typical radio station that you’re accustomed to; this station is broadcast through the internet only rather than through the airwaves. But that has some advantages, explained Demarcus Williams, the university’s interim chief marketing officer, who is heading up the project.
“As long as you have the internet, you can listen to the station anywhere,” Williams said.

The station will be 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will play Hip Hop and R&B hits.

Plans call for the station to be up and running sometime in March.Williams said the program will help Saint Augustine’s University in both retaining current students and recruiting new ones. The university doesn’t get much attention because of its small size but the new radio program can help correct that, he said.

“There are many hidden gems that the average person who doesn’t know much about the school wouldn’t know about,” Williams said.

Falcons Fly Radio is being integrated into the curriculum at the Media and Communications Department. Student leaders for the program are being trained through COMM 423, Audio Production, taught by WAUG Program Director John Low

Students will have on-air roles as well as production roles with the radio program. In addition, they will have opportunities to learn about other technical aspects of radio productions, Mr. Williams said.

Students interested in joining the program can contact Mr. Williams at adwilliams@st-aug.edu,or Mr. Low at jlow@st-aug.edu.

— Marquie Clemonts