Online learning is tough; better Wi-Fi would help

It is no secret that HBCUs are struggling financially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. But how is that affecting the student body?
Many of us depend on the school’s internet service to get work done, connect to Zoom meetings, and even connect our TVs to Netflix. But ever since the pandemic hit, the internet service throughout the school is not quite dependable.

Many students have voiced complaints in emails, on the SAU app in the students’ newsfeed section but some problems continue. Many students have even gone to IT services themselves.

Unfortunately, some students can’t afford to go buy their own Wi-Fi for their room or a Wi-Fi extender. SAU IT services however did reach back to everyone via email on Feb. 10, stating that they will conduct a Wi-Fi outage between the hours of 11 P.M. and 12 A.M.

But that wasn’t until shortly after the same issues were starting to reoccur again. So obviously students are going to complain again because now they are beginning to fall short in school work.

Some professors understand the matter at hand but then you have the ones who don’t. They typically will tell you to utilize the school’s library but most students would prefer to work alone because they are more productive that way, or because of the risk of getting infected by COVID.

Now even though these problems are understandable, we still as students have to figure out a way to get work done and stay in Zoom calls without having to reconnect repeatedly. It’s a task at times and quite draining.
With that being said, what is going to change with the Wi-Fi here at SAU? Will they begin to install separate routers in each building? Will they start having students log-in to the internet service by their student ID number and email? What do the university and IT services have in store for the spring semester and upcoming fall 2021 semester?

\Let’s hope we have no more problems.

Nia Phillips is the co-editor of The Falcon Forum.