April 2021, News & Features

After a year, students and faculty have gotten used to COVID-19

As everyone knows, COVID-19 has had a big impact on Saint Augustine’s University. In March of 2019, the pandemic forced the university to convert most classes to online. 

Many students complained about the change when it first happened but, now, it seems like most students have adapted. A lot of students lacked proper equipment at home and the university attempted to help that situation by giving out free laptops to all freshmen.

University administrators also attempted to deal with confusion by requiring all faculty to use either Microsoft Teams or Blackboard. Furthermore, all faculty and adjuncts were required to get certified in Blackboard.

Other students say they have been able to get the proper hands-on attention they need in lab courses.  

Many say things are better. “Saint Augustine’s University did the best they could to acclimate to everyone’s living situation,” said Javon Moses. 

The school also avoided a surge in COVID cases by being very cautious with social distance rules and also making all covid test mandatory for students and staff. Graduating students will have to bring a negative covid test in order to walk across the stage.

But even though many have adapted to the changes, students are looking forward to things returning to normal in the fall.

“I love classes being online but I feel like learning isn’t the same anymore, we just learn to remember for the moment,” said Makayla Tive.