Earth Day 2021

The month of April has some exciting events and one of the biggest is Earth Day. Earth Day was created to educate and promote living clean and sustaining a healthy habitat for people and wildlife. Earth Day is set up for everyday people to learn about how we can make the world and environment long-lasting for upcoming generations.

Protecting our planet has been a huge deal in the last couple of years. Many people think, “What can I do to change the state of the planet? Or, “I am a student; there is no way I can afford to be environmentally safe!

Well, there is so much that you can do and participate in to go green and be environmentally aware. Every college student can participate in the basic habits Earth Day is trying to establish:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle:

These goals have been around since 1970, when Earth Day was founded, yet knowledge about what they mean is still not known by everybody.

Reduce is all about creating less waste. In your dorms you can reduce the use of plastic iby, nstead of using plastic bags, using lunchboxes or washable containers.

Reuse is somewhat the same; instead of using a plastic water bottle, get an inexpensive reusable one with a metal straw that you can wash and reuse whenever.

On-campus there are several recycle bins to try to be cautious when throwing away your items and make sure you are recycling plastic bottles and putting items in the appropriate bin.

Other things everyone can do include:

  • Drive less:

As summer approaches the weather is nicer and the sun Is out longer so spending time outside, walk or bike or even use the scooters that are all over. Using this strategy cuts down on gas being poured out into the air and also are inexpensive ways to travel.

  • Educate:

The best thing college students can do is educating your peers about Earth Day. Environmental education empowers students to help solve the climate crisis and develop the skills, optimism, and resolve to lead the environmental movement of tomorrow. That could be telling your friend to get a reusable straw or to change to a more eco-friendly hair spray.

Anything, no matter how little as it may seem, helps tremendously. We have one Earth and we should do everything in our power to help sustain it.

— Jessica Saintil