February 2023, News & Features

Campus project is approved

Saint Augustine’s University is planning to lease 12 acres of land in the northwest corner of the campus for a 320-unit residential development, according to President Christine McPhail. The development will be on a 90-year land lease and Saint Augustine’s will still own the property, Dr. McPhail said.

The development will contain mixed-used housing for families in the community, Dr. McPhail said. It will also benefit the Saint Augustine’s community, she said. She described it as “an initiative that generates revenue from which students can benefit.” The project “will give the opportunity to put money into repairing dorms and/or building new dorms and more technology and more labs,” Dr. McPhail added.

The project is a partnership with Carter, a leading national real estate investment and development firm headquartered in Atlanta. The agreement was approved by the SAU Board of Trustees in January.

Dr. McPhail said this kind of project is beneficial for a university like Saint Augustine’s that does not have the resources of other publicly funded universities.

The president is meeting with investors in a few weeks to discuss rebuilding residential halls and outdoor spaces, she said. Her vision is to have the campus restored with new technology and nice facilities in a comfortable, beautiful environment, she said.

“The decision that we made was made on behalf of our students and the sustainability of our university,” Dr. McPhail said. “We believe that you as students and the community deserve to have a quality life living and that is what we want to be able to promote as a Historically Black College.”

The development will bring life to the area where people can live in nice affordable homes in a safe environment, Dr. McPhail added.

The Office of Marketing and Communications contributed to this report.

— Joi Davidson