Ja Morant future with the NBA

Ja Morant has been in trouble with the NBA. He has made mistake after mistake, and it’s time for him to actually be accountable for his troubles off the court.

Morant has been caught twice on social media waving a gun—not once but twice on Instagram Live. With him being an upcoming superstar in the NBA, he is an incredible star, but what hurts him is being around the wrong crowd.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has yet to say what his punishment will be, but he will announce it after the NBA finals are over. Morant has already been facing punishment for his adornments, with Powerade stripping away their deal and Nike not releasing his upcoming shoes.

Now it’s a possibility that he will be suspended for the whole season. Things are not looking good for the new face of the league, Ja Morant.

— Kalijah Johnson