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Models show off their talent

Dancing, good music and pure talent were all showcased at an event at Saint Augustine’s University on June 2.

The event featured three different groups of models — the Fuzion Models (community based team out of Virginia), Next Level Entertainment (high school production team out of Durham, N.C,) and Saint Augustine’s very own Nubiance Models. The show was hosted by Chrissy B, DJ Pc Jerm and Deonte Barnes. The turnout of attendance was over what they expected with about 100 people showing up including college students and some parents of the participants.

A true spectacle of talent and creativity, the show featured stunning designs and choreographed routines. A variety of styles were displayed by the Nubiance Models, from elegant evening gowns to bold streetwear, and their performance left the audience breathless.

The audience was visibly impressed by the models’ poise and grace, as well as the seamless execution of the show’s choreography. Nubiance Models captivated the audience with their elegance and charisma throughout their performance, displaying impressive coordination and professionalism.

After the show, the Nubiance Models received a standing ovation from the crowd. In addition to showcasing the best in fashion and performance, this event was a testament to the Nubiance Models’ talent and dedication.

Overall, the Nubiance Models’ performance at Saint Augustine’s University was a true triumph, showcasing the beauty and diversity of fashion and culture. The event was a testament to the power of creativity, talent, and hard work, and left the audience in awe of the Nubiance Models’ incredible skills and artistry.