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How do you feel about sharing Homecoming with Shaw?

This year’s Homecoming is highly unusual – it will be held jointly with Shaw University, the archrival of the Saint Augustine’s University Falcons. The Falcon Forum asked students picked at random their opinion about sharing one of the biggest events of the year with Shaw. Here is what they had to say:

with Shaw is gonna be a great experience for students and alumni, too, to reminisce about our rivalry with Shaw. It will show how connected the Raleigh community is overall.”
— Nahala Moore, junior art major

“It’s two small HBCUs joining together and spreading the love.”
— Tamar Smith, junior biology major

“I feel as though having a joint Homecoming with Shaw is a great idea. We are two small schools and it makes sense to combine the schools for a great experience.”
— Ralston Thomas Jones, freshman business administration major

“It’s two historically black colleges sharing their values and cultures together for a week of success.”
— Jadin Talley, sophomore theater major

“I’m excited about everything the school has in store, but a joint Homecoming feels less personal.
— Genesis McKnight freshman, graphic art major

— Emily Samuels