November 2023, Opinion

In this season, there’s lots to be thankful about

Gratitude is a transformative power that has worked its way through every chapter of my life, illuminating even the hardest moments with its bright light. As I reflect upon the blessings that have distinguished my journey, I’m extremely overwhelmed with heartfelt sense of appreciation.

The comfort of family bonds, the unwavering support of my dear friends. To my family whose unconditional love has been my guiding light, to my friends who stood by my side through thick and thin, and to my mentors who believed me, I also extend my sincere gratitude. Your encouragement, wisdom and support have been the strength that upholds me during life’s difficulties.

Embracing gratitude has changed my perspective. It has granted me strength in adversity and maximized happiness in everyday moments.
I’m extremely thankful for my mommy and the support that I have here at Saint Augustine’s University because my mommy would always say to me and my sister that she has our backs.

The support that I get at Saint Augustine’s is truly amazing. I get it from all over campus; people are supporting me left and right.
Life at SAU is all about other people motivating you and supporting your dreams and goals of what you want to achieve in life and, for that, I’m very thankful.

Gratitude is not a only feeling but a way of life — a lens through which the universe becomes a tapestry of blessing. Like my Pop-Pop would always say, “You’ve got to be a blessing to someone else. “

— Ashely Petway