News & Features, November 2023

What are you doing during the holiday break?

Saint Augustine’s has a longer holiday break than many other universities — it starts Nov. 22 and classes resume Jan. 10. We wondered how SAU students were using all that time. So the Falcon Forum asked a random sample of people: What are you doing on your holiday break?


“I will be spending my break working and spending time with my family for the holidays. Being that I am a student athlete. I don’t get to see my family much so, when I go home, I savor the memories. “
— Bryan Monroe, senior majoring in communications

“Being from the Bahamas, the home of the sun, sand, and sea, I am super excited to get back home.”
– Teja Williams, sophomore psychology major

“I plan on spending the break the same way I have the last couple of years. Working, enjoying my family, and getting some rest.”
— Lee Sales, a senior majoring in communications

“I’m planning to spend Thanksgiving and winter break with my grandpa and his family.”
— Marquis Munoz, junior exercise science major

“I plan on spending my winter break working, as soon as I get back home from Thanksgiving break in Orlando.”
— Miles Beasley, senior communications major

— Emily Samuels