April 2024, Opinion

I’m coping with an almost empty campus — at least it’s peaceful

As I’m sure you all know, Saint Augustine’s University went virtual starting April 1. Although most students have gone home, some graduating seniors and other students with extenuating circumstances have been granted permission to stay on campus until after graduation.

I am one of the few that has stayed behind since the University moved to virtual. Since then, campus life has been rather quiet. It has been very weird walking by the MLK center and seeing no students in the café or walking through the campus and seeing nobody commuting to classes.

Most people in my position, being a graduating senior and ending your last year of college like this, would be upset to say the least. However, I would say that since classes have gone virtual, I have had more free time, and this free time has allowed me time to reflect and evaluate my short time at this university and all the good times I’ve had.

I cannot speak for other students, but I have managed to still have a good time since the university went virtual. I have still managed to talk to loved ones, spend time with friends and classmates, and have good laughs.

I say this to say… it is easy to sit around and be upset about the school’s circumstances. But it is a lot more rewarding to be appreciative and thankful for all memories and lifelong friendships that we made at this university.

— Evan Ishmael