Hungry Minds

In the heart of a bustling college campus, where the air was always thick with the scent of ambition, there stood a grand old building known as Martin Luther King jr dining hall. Which sits at the center of Saint Augustine’s University’s campus and has fed students for decades. 

But within those halls, a problem brewed. The cafeteria, a hub of activity and sustenance for hungry minds, had closed unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances. Students were sent home across campus with the exception of track athletes, graduating seniors and international students. The question at hand was how would the students be fed? The usual chatter was quickly replaced by worried murmurs.

Among the student body left on campus, there was Anthony Barett, a graduating senior and former student athlete who actively used the cafeteria as a means for food. “This is so unfortunate for our university.” He expressed. “But they have not given up on us yet, and that’s what matters to me.”

With the help of surrounding alumni, the university has been able to acquire food for the students. There has been a number of caterers for the university since, and a number of gift cards given for the students left on campus. 

Monasha was a junior majoring in criminal justice, who was also a student athlete who thrived off of the salad bar. Her favorite day to go to the cafe was fried chicken Wednesday. “I feel that the school is doing as much as they can, but unfortunately I will be returning home.” she said, her voice echoing with concern.

With the blessing of the college administration and alumni, they have been able to keep students full and bellies happy. Dean Watts, dean of students, has been using student email to keep students in the loop about how they will be fed for the next few weeks. Word spread like wildfire across campus, and soon, students lined up eagerly to obtain food and gift cards to buy food from other places, their mouths watering in anticipation. 

Although the atmosphere in the student center is completely different, there is still a way made for students all around campus to maintain their nutritious lifestyles. This experience for everyone has been strenuous.  Now the question has turned into what will the coming year look like at Saint Augustine’s university?