Personal Finances

Saving money and having it when you really need it is very important. The key to having money when you need it is knowing how to manage personal finances. Personal finance is the management by an individual or group of individuals of budgeting, saving, and spending. The goal of managing […]

November 2019 Opinion

Got study tips?

Final exams are quickly approaching! Although finals can be very stressful and overwhelming, there are some things you can do to make the process a little less stressful. Here are five tips will help you remember the material, focus more, and ease your mind when you began to stress out. […]


“Night at the Museum” was a fantastic event

As the art of Fredo and Diego danced all around embracing the students in nothing but power, revolution and culture, people believed that they could do anything. The theme; Fredo & Diego Mexican Modernist, set the tone, as everyone showed up with flowers in their hair or dressed up for […]

October 2019 Opinion

BWE is finally free — thank you SAU!

When I arrived at Saint Augustine’s for my freshmen year, I was excited for my first Homecoming Week. As a freshman, I wanted to attend every event and be part of the entire Blue & White Experience. I vividly remember that he events’ schedule had been published online for that […]

April 2019 Opinion

Dreamville was a beautiful experience

J Cole is one of the most popular artists in the industry currently and Dreamville, which was held in downtown Raleigh April 6, was one of the best concert festivals of the year.  Saint Augustine’s University students were lucky to have the concert so close but it is no surprise […]